SherpaMail is proud to offer you the best and broadest HTML email features at the most affordable price. SherpaMail’s features like opt in email, combined with our fanatical customer support, will provide your business a significant competitive advantage in your email marketing efforts – guaranteed.

Whether you are seeking to send a simple, informative newsletter to your email list or are determined to launch the most creative and sophisticated direct marketing campaign since the beginning of time, SherpaMail’s features will continually exceed your business expectations!

Social Network Integration

SherpaMail pioneered Email Marketing Service ten years ago. We’re doing it again with Social Network Marketing. Social Networking is here to stay and it’s been proven to be a great way to sell your product or service. With SherpaMail 3.0 when you send out an email campaign, you can simultaneously broadcast to all of your social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Save time by posting a micro-blog to all of the most popular social networking sites you use – all at the same time! Not only that, within the email editions you send out, you can have “share” buttons to get your message out to even more viewers!

SMS Text Marketing

Reach out to your contacts no matter where they are. If anyone in your list of contacts opts-in with their mobile number and carrier, you can send your marketing messages directly to their cell phones via SMS. SherpaMail 3.0 allows you to become a mobile marketer within minutes. Schedule an SMS broadcast or send one immediately. It’s up to you and only takes a couple mouse-clicks. You can also track your SMS messages to see how well they’re doing.

Online Surveys

With our survey creation tool, it’s easy to create online surveys so that you can gather feedback from your customers about your product or service. There is no better way to improve a product or service than collecting direct feedback from your customers. Easily create online survey questions and email the link to your customers. The results are immediately tracked so that you can analyze them to see how well your surveys are working. Also, our survey tools are INCLUDED with your SherpaMail subsciption at no extra charge. Some of our competitors actually charge extra for this feature!

Calendar and Events

With SherpaMail, scheduling and managing events has never been easier. Whether you are scheduling internal events for a team/department or a public event, our Calendar tool is perfect for the job. View your calendar in monthly, weekly, daily or as an event list. We also provide ways for you to download and share your group calendar. You can also collect event fees through PayPal for any events that require a paid admission.
Project Management
SherpaMail now has built-in project management features. As you can tell by now, we have really tried to give our customers all the online marketing and branding tools they’ll need all in one place. The Project Manager is a handy tool to organize and keep track of your projects. Assign projects and tasks to members. Visually track the progress of these projects with timeline graphs. Add updates as the projects develops and receive automatic weekly updates. Project deadlines are automatically posted to your online calendar.

Improved CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in an integral part of email marketing. A CRM can help a business in acquiring new customers through excellent contact management, direct marketing, selling and fulfillment. Since our inception, SherpaMail has always strived to make CRM as user-friendly as possible. With SherpaMail 3.0, we’ve taken the CRM to the next level. It’s the most powerful and easy to use CRM we’ve ever had available to our customers.


The Dashboard is a new SherpaMail 3.0 feature that gives you a quick view of all your most pertinent campaign information for email marketing.
With this tool, you will have quick, easy access to Contact Groups, Content, Tracking Summary of your latest email marketing broadcast, Contact Trends and broadcast History as well as a Complaint Rate meter.


The SherpaMail Contacts module tool contains all of your Contacts and options to manage and import Contacts.
Whether you are a small charity organization with only a few hundred contacts in your email list, or a huge corporation with millions in your email list, SherpaMail allows you to manage them easiy. You can import and export them within the system and you can even filter groups based on certain criteria for future mailing lists. More information…


The new Build module from SherpaMail 3.0 makes building opt in email editions easier, faster and more efficient for your email marketing.
Creating awesome looking emails using cumbersome HTML tools is a thing of the past. With the new easy-to-use SherpaMail 3.0 interface for opt in email, you will be able to create a beautiful looking email edition without knowing anything about HTML. We give you several flexible templates for email marketing to choose from or you can import your own HTML.


The Send module contains four sub-tabs which are arranged in order from the first to the final step of sending out a broadcast. The previous step must be completed in order to move forward. This makes it easier than ever to send out a SherpaMail. It’s as simple as choosing a list of contacts, selecting your edition and sending it out. You can even schedule a broadcast to go out at a certain time and date. It doesn’t get any easier!


Real-time charts and statistics confirm the success of your campaign in real-time. The “Track” module allows you to view your full broadcast history and keep track of the success of your email campaigns. You can view the tracking data in bar graphs as well as pie charts. You can drill down into the data to see exactly who is reading and clicking on your messages and who (if anybody) has unsubscribed from your mailing list.