Advanced Features

Website Sign-up Form Wizard

Easily grow your email lists with a website sign-up box for an email direct marketing tool. The process for adding one to your website is simple – just let us know what pieces of information you would like to collect from your email marketing subscribers (e.g., email address, name, company, address, phone, direct marketing special offer code, and/or any other information you are interested in).

The website sign-up box for email marketing is completely customizable. Just “cut and paste” it to your website. You can use your own colors and fonts so that it matches the look and feel of your website for opt-in email. You can also elect to have a “single opt-in” or “double opt-in” form, though single opt-in forms are only allowed on opt-in email websites that have already verified the identity of the subscriber. If you can imagine it, SherpaMail can do it.

Triggers and Auto-responders

To make your website signup form really cool, consider utilizing some triggered emails (also known as “auto-responders”) to send “thank you” or follow up messages to those who subscribe to your newsletter through your website subscription form!

You can also customize your own thank-you pages, to maintain your look and feel throughout the subscription process.

Customizable Unsubscribe/Profile Update Page

SherpaMail manages your lists for you – 24/7/365! Never again will you have to take the time or deal with the responsibility of unsubscribing somebody from your list or updating someone’s personal profile. SherpaMail handles all of this for you. It is a huge time saver!

There are several different profile update layouts to choose from–you can select whichever one suits you best! One of the benefits of SherpaMail’s proprietary profile update software is that it automatically looks up, and auto-completes, missing data regarding city, state, and country of your subscribers (based on IP address).